"Shift" Cooperd bowl by John Glendinning.

Mission Statement

The making of objects is inherent to us all.
It is the mission of The Blackstone Valley School of Crafts
To Provide the finest craft education, to inspire the creative spirit and to celebrate the handmade.
We want to bring craft back to the community, and the community back to craft.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Worcester Center for Crafts

This winter Liesl is teaching at the Worcester Center for crafts in Worcester, MA.
If you are interested in any of the workshops you've seen on this page but just can't make it to Uxbridge and Worcester is closer.  Contact the center and request a class from Liesl.
For more information about the classes Liesl will be teaching contact the center at
'The Worcester Center for Crafts'
25 Sagamore Rd
Worcester, MA 01605

Monday, September 10, 2012

Five joints in one day

This September I'm teaching a private workshop out of my studio.  The workshop is a birthday gift from a woman named Elana who purchased it for her Father.  I teach a workshop that I call " Five joints in two days".  I'm teaching the same workshop only I'm condensing it to one day.  The project for the class is a small freestanding or wall mounted pine cabinet.  The cabinet is a great teaching tool because most of the joinery used in traditional and contemporary cabinetmaking is in this small cabinet.
If you're interested in a private workshop please get in touch with me.
As always- Thanks for looking'

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A weekend of Jewelry making

Last month Liesl taught a weekend workshop called 'Bangles, Rings, and Things'.
For two days her students made bangles and rings.  This was a introductory class.  I must admit- I was very impressed with the results.  The work produced by the students was awesome'

Please visit Liesls site at www.lcarlsonjewelry.blogspot.com to see more of her work.  Contact Liesl if you are interested in taking a class.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bangles,Rings and Things

This long weekend Liesl is teaching a workshop at Snowfarm in the Berkshires titled Bangles, Rings and things.
She is also has some students signed up to take the same workshop in July at her own studio in Uxbridge, MA.  I guess this is a small but mighty step towards a proper craft school. If you are interested in a great beginning jewelry class, or just want to hone your skills then  Bangles, rings and things is for you.  You'll learn new jewelry skills and how to use and work with sterling silver. To find out more information about the class and Liesl's work check out her blog at http://www.lcarlsonjewelry.blogspot.com/ 
Below is Liesl's studio

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not again

Well- it certainly has been a long arduous battle trying to get the town or State to help us with our craft endeavour.  Due to redistricting Ryann Fattman is no longer our representative in our area.  I emailed him to find out about our situation but no one from his office has been in touch.
So- that being said we are starting from scratch, again.  The Blanchard Bldg still sits empty, costing the town money.  The old building needs some work but no one from the town office wants to have anything to do with it.  I thought elected and appointed officers were here to serve the towns people, not just collect a pay and ignore good ideas.  Oh well'  When we're a success they'll all take credit for it.  Maybe we have to move our venture to another town
We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your interest

Monday, February 6, 2012

State Rep

Last week one of our State Representatives Ryan Fattman took Liesl and I out to lunch.  We discussed our school venture and possible grants and other funding alternatives.  We finally have someone listening to us and who believes in what we're doing.  Hopefully this leads to some good news in the future.  keep checking and I'll post the news as soon as I get it.
Thanks again to all for the support.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Images

We would like to create a community lending library at the school.  If you have any old art, craft, architecture or design books stored in the basement or attic and would like to donate them we would love to take them off of your hand and make them part of our lending library.  With the closure of many school woodworking and craft programs we are losing our resources.  We would love to see the community visiting our space and looking through the shelves of books.  We are always in need of old woodworking, jewelry making, ceramics, any book that relates to craft, art, design, art history, etc .  We want to be a source of inspiration.  We will even come to pick them up.
Any consideration is greatly appreciated
Steve Butler